Citizen Charter of BCA

Main Responsibilities:

  • To provide various types of training for the officers and non-gazetted employees of the DOC.
  • To provide different types of training for the members of the cooperative on management of cooperative societies, maintaining of accounts of the cooperative societies and IGA based training as well.
  • Adapt development theories to make them functional for cooperatives.
  • Appraisal of causes of barriers to development of cooperatives.
  • Arranging various workshop and seminar for progress of cooperative activities.
  • Assisting the policy makers in standardizing policies regarding acts and rules.
  • Publishing books, journals and periodicals relating cooperatives.
  • To develop interrelationship among cooperatives for expansion and education relating cooperatives.
  • Maintaining liaison with various offices and training institutes of the country.
  • Monitoring activities of 10 cooperative zonal institutes.
  • To modernize education administration of cooperatives.



  • Providing training to the different level officials of DOC which facilitates improvement of professional skills.
  • Providing training to the members of the cooperative societies about the development of leadership and management of cooperative societies.
  • Providing training for the members of the cooperatives about maintaining the accounts of the societies and formulation of budget.
  • Providing IGA based training for the members of the cooperatives as needed.


Research and Publications:

In annual work plan, researches content and work plan are formulated keeping in mind various problems and prospects of cooperative sector. According to these, annual training functions of BCA are determined. An annual report is published on the basis of performance of the academy.

Our Promises:

  • We will perform our duties with efficiency and responsibility.
  • We will perform our duty with possible promptness.
  • We will be present at office in time and will ensure presence during office period.
  • We will acknowledge to personal applications within 07 days and in case of discrepancy we will communicate with the party sharing the advance in this regard.
  • We will ensure justified behavior with the stakeholders and provide best possible services within legal framework.
  • We will ensure self development through acquisition of knowledge and ensure better government service by using such knowledge.
  • We will work within legal framework and play role in ensuring Good Governance through maintaining transparency and accountability.
  • We will devote our self in fundamental and innovative thinking.
  • We will conduct classes with having prepared for appropriate knowledge.
  • We will be sincere to uphold the image of BCA and Zonal institutes.
  • We will maintain and ensure cleanliness of the office.
  • We will be ready to sacrifice everything we have to protect independence and sovereignty of the state and devote ourselves to uphold states honor.