Vision and Mission



To invent various development theories for socio-economic development of all classes of citizen of Bangladesh and ensure justice, good governance, accountability, gender equality, participation in social enterprise for betterment using information technology and to build up modern Bangladesh.


Academy is mandated to

  • Recognize various problems of cooperatives
  • Identify strategies for solving problems
  • Motivate cooperative members to participate in development policy formulation procedure of government
  • Create new leadership at cooperatives
  • Development of human resources
  • Develop socio economic condition of cooperative members through capital formation
  • Build trained cooperative members through training, research and action research
  • Develop competent, innovative, pro-active and morally strong professionals to bring reforms for good governance and accountability.
  • Develop socially responsible human resources to enhance organizational performance for the sustainable development of the country.
  • To impart co-operative education and training to co-operative members, officials of the Department of Co-operatives and office bearers of the co-operative societies.