Objective and Functions


The main objective of the academy is to impart cooperative education and training to cooperative members, officials of the Department of Cooperatives and office bearers of the cooperative societies. The academy serves as the main center for dissemination of Cooperative Education. With this objective in view, the activities of the academy comprise of the following:

  • To plan and arrange training programs for the different categories of personnel involved in the cooperative movement in the country. This includes various categories of officials connected with the cooperative movement and responsible to various cooperative societies.
  • To impart professional training to the newly recruited officers belonging to the BCS (Cooperative) Cadre.
  • To impart basic training to the newly recruited employees of the Department of Cooperatives.
  • To organize refresher courses and short courses for both officers and employees of the Department of Cooperatives.
  • To organize professional training courses for staffs and officers of cooperative societies.
  • To plan and implement training programs for leaders, members of the managing committee and members of various national, central and primary cooperative societies with special stress for training of women Cooperators.
  • To undertake research activities on various issues of cooperative development including cooperative training and education.
  • To cooperate with the various agencies involved in cooperative development and training activities.
  • To impart foundation training to the Probationary Officers of the BCS (Cooperative) Cadre, officers of other department as and when asked by the Government.
  • To organize seminar/ workshop/ conference on various aspects of cooperatives.