Historical Background


The Cooperative movement in this part of the world was started with the enactment of Cooperative Credit Societies Act of 1904 by the then Government of India under British rule. The need for imparting cooperative education and training was felt from the very beginning of launching of the movement. In 1936 the first Cooperative Training Institute in Bengal was started at Dum-Dum near Calcutta (Kolkata) for training of the officers and staffs of involved with cooperative movement and office bearers and employees of cooperative societies. During the 2nd world-war the institute was shifted from Dum-Dum to Konnagar (West Bengal) and thereafter from Konnagar to Naogaon (Rajshahi).

After the independence of Pakistan the Cooperative Training Institute was started at Pubail near Dhaka in 1949. The East Pakistan Cooperative College started its activities in a hired house in Dhaka in 1960. In 1963 this college was shifted to current premises of Kotbari, Comilla. After the great war of liberation the Pakistan Cooperative College was named as Bangladesh Cooperative College. It has further changed as Bangladesh Cooperative Academy in 1998 by a gazette notification of the Government of Bangladesh.